What We Do

Faith West Gorman is an accomplished professional event planner.  She has 20 years of management experience providing successful strategic direction in the conference and event creation arena. 

Her company is seasoned at creating and developing events and programs that support marketing objectives, fundraising, and brand messaging for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, festival, and sports industries.  They have been responsible for the complete production and logistics of numerous high profile events.  Whether it’s a community event for 50,000 guests, or a private affair for 12, faith west events is experienced in all levels of event and festival management.  They have successfully executed branding events, medical conferences, symposium, groundbreaking ceremonies, donor relations events, galas, and fundraising events.   Her teams of professionals are skilled at orchestrating, designing, and producing a wide array of events that promote business goals and objectives.  

Event Therapy™ is the latest solution-oriented service offered by Faith West Events.  
Many organizations do not have the budget to contract a professional event planner to produce their event.  Others have enthusiastic volunteers and ready staff, but not necessarily the experience or expertise to fully execute the event.  With Event Therapy™, FWE can serve as a mentor, leading your staff around the costly pitfalls inexperienced event planners often encounter.  Having one of our therapists for an hour, a day, or “on-call” throughout the entire planning process, will help to demystify the convoluted amount of logistics and details that are present in producing your successful event. 

Event Therapy™ offers the opportunity to have a trained professional working alongside your staff as an event coach. 

Designed specifically for organizations looking to produce premiere events at a fraction of the cost, Event Therapy™ delivers a wide array of professional experience and expertise in an innovative, cost-effective manner.

Event Therapy™ is the perfect remedy for an organization with limited resources and the commitment to exceed their event expectations. 

Success in life and business is not determined by what you know, but rather how you carry yourself and interact with the world and people around you.  Most opportunities are found “out in the world,” and not in a book.  Knowing how to present yourself, how to shake a hand, and mingle will help ensure your success and the possibility that you will not only find, but also take advantage of the vast number of opportunities presented to you throughout your life.

To most, etiquette and protocol is seen as a rigid and stuffy set of rules.  In reality, it is a microcosm of “humanness” and civility.  It’s core teachings being courtesy and consideration for others.  We will discuss and explore not just those ‘set of rules’ but also how these rules of etiquette actually demonstrate the parallels we must all live in life if we are to simply display the basic acts of being “human,” which so many of us have forgotten or ignored in this fast paced, technology-driven world of immediacy. 

Faith West Gorman has been trained and is certified by the prestigious Protocol School of Washington®, the leader in etiquette and protocol services.  She is certified as a Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant, and has also retained status as a Level #1 Protocol Officer.  She has offered her classes to colleges, universities, and businesses interested in increasing “soft skills” within the workplace.  Her classes provide future graduates, and seasoned executives with the necessary skills to compete in today’s global markets, while weaving in the importance of civility.

Faith customizes  her seminars to meet the needs of her client.  Elements of her seminars include:

  • Civility and Creating Value
  • Eye Contact and Posture
  • How to Make and Entrance and Work a Room
  • Mingling Proficiency
  • The Art of the Handshake
  • Introductions - 3 Forms
  • Email Etiquette
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Business Meeting Etiquette